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Nicole Elizabeth's eDesign service is ideal for anyone looking to tackle a project on their own but can benefit from an experienced interior designer's expertise. Every eDesign client receives a two-hour consultation, a collection of designer insights that will elevate the professional quality of the finished project, and a detailed plan for completing the project.


We offer three unique eDesign packages to meet our clients' varied needs, from a comprehensive consultation and follow up to a full design experience from scratch to finish. We devised our process so that no design experience is required, just a do-it-yourself spirit and a willingness to have a little fun in the process.


It all starts with a two hour video chat. You and your designer will go through your client questionnaire, set your goals for your project and map out a timeline for completion. This is also a great time to get all of those design questions answered too.  


It's time for you to measure and photographs of your space and any furniture that you are keeping. Don't worry, we'll show you how. This step and the information provided will become the foundation of your design. If needed, we may also ask for additional information.


Now the fun begins! We take all the information you provided and get to work creating your concept boards, space plans, as well as select furniture and accessories that accomplish the goals that were laid out in our initial meeting. 


Finally we organize all of your approved concepts, drawings, and selections into a complete eDesign plan. We will also include our tips and tricks to help you with your project. This final package  serves as a step-by-step guide to implementing the design yourself!

The Process

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Need some design advice but aren't looking to do a full project? This service is perfect for clients who need a professional opinion on everything from selecting paint colors to the best accessories for your bookcases.  


  • Two hour video call

  • Emailed summary of recommendations 

  • Designer tips and tricks to help you complete your project 

  • Email follow up to answer any remaining questions. 


PRICE: $350.00 per two hour block

Ready to give your space a new look? This service is for you. We will take your existing pieces and reimagine your room with a new layout, color scheme, and finishing touches. Your completed room will perfectly reflect your unique style.


  • Two hour initial video call

  • Custom concept board with up to one revision

  • Up to two labeled furniture plan options

  • Detailed shopping list of any additional  furniture and accessories 

  • Designer tips and tricks to help you bring it all together.

  • Email correspondence for the duration of the project.

PRICE: $900.00 per room

Looking for a fully custom design experience? Our Bespoke service is here to deliver. We will work with you to create your unique space and give you a detailed plan to bring your designer room to life. 


  • Two hour initial video call

  • Custom concept board with up to two revisions

  • Paint, furniture, lighting, and accessories selections with up to two revisions 

  • Labeled furniture plan with up to two revisions

  • Fabric and finishes box

  • Detailed shopping list of furniture and accessories 

  • Designer tips and tricks to help you bring it all together.

  • Email correspondence for the duration of the project. 

PRICE: $1500.00 per room

The Consult

The Edit

The Bespoke 

Tell us about your project and we will design a custom eDesign Package to fit your needs. 

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